What to Expect from your Ayurvedic Consultation?

What to Expect from your Ayurvedic Consultation?

Are you ready to schedule an ayurvedic consultation? If so, you must prepare yourself to share and discuss some topics that cover your overall lifespan. Consulting with a Wild Grace health coach will help you achieve all-round health, improved energy and vitality, as well as get personalized advice on diet, lifestyle, and healthy routines for daily living. To get to know you, the consultant will perform different exams that include areas of your body that reveal places of balance and imbalance. An Ayurvedic expert can help you understand your dosha. Read to know what to expect from an ayurvedic consultation:

Physical Examination

Your consultant will perform the following exams and make clear suggestions on which Ayurvedic tools you can embrace to maintain a balanced life:

  • Taking the pulse. This is meant to determine your constitution or dosha and your body’s current state of imbalance. For men, the pulse is taken on the right wrist and the left for women. Your consultant will feel your pulse to determine how strong your vata, pitta, and kapha are in your body.
  • Urine exam. This can help determine your hydration level. The frequency of urination can indicate there is enough fluid intake.
  • Stool exam. Your everyday waste elimination tells about the health of your digestive system. Your consultant considers the consistency of your stool to determine possible imbalances. 
  • Tongue exam. Your consultant will examine the colour, shape, movement, presence of scallops on the sides, and coating on your tongue.
  • Eye exam. The doshas impact the eye colour and shape, so this exam must be carried out during an ayurvedic consultation. 
  • Nail exam. Your nails can also indicate body imbalances.
  • General look. Your body shape, hair colour and textures, as well as energy levels can be indicators of the predominance of doshas in the body.

Action Plan Formulation

After the physical examination, your consultant will work with you in formulating an action plan. You will be encouraged to talk to them about what you are comfortable and uncomfortable with and what is realistic to you. After refining the plan, you will end up with a regimen that you can follow and adhere to. Your consultation will suggest approaches such as daily self-care routines, pranayama techniques, yoga, meditation, herbs, and food choices. Ayurveda is aimed at clearing out the clutter in your mind, senses, and body so you can have access to your greatest potential to heal and thrive.