4 Amazing Anti-aging Treatments that Can Give You the Skin of Your Dreams 

4 Amazing Anti-aging Treatments that Can Give You the Skin of Your Dreams 

The one mistake that most women do is going to cosmetic centers with untrained staff to undergo skin treatments. The results can be disastrous. What you instead need is to leave your skin in the hands of trained medical professionals at centers like the Clinique Anti Aging Montreal clinic. We have made a list of 4 amazing anti-aging skin treatments that you can get at this clinic for a flawless complexion. Have a look!

  1. Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is one of the most advanced procedures that involve peeling the layers of the skin to remove dead skin cells and give the skin a flawless appearance that is devoid of acne scars, sun spots, clogged pores, pimples, and wrinkles. 

You can opt either for a lighter peel or a Jessner peel that is a medium depth peel that targets the deeper layers of the skin. 

  • The lighter peels have a shorter recovery downtime and they clear the epidermis and remove lighter fine lines and dark spots.
  • The medium depth peels require more downtime for recovery but they are the better treatments if you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation due to sun damage and Melasma. 

Follow your doctor’s advice on which type of peel will be better for you.

  1. IPL Photogeneration

IPL is Intense Pulsed Light laser treatment that uses broad spectrum laser beams to reduce skin discoloration. In other words, it’s basically a skin correction technique that improves the skin’s overall texture. It increases collagen formation and collagen is the protein that produces new skin cells. When these new elastic skin cells replace the older cells, the skin becomes wrinkle free, smoother, and brighter. 

  1. Mesolift Treatment

Also known as micro-needling and Mesotherapy, this technique uses your stem cells for skin rejuvenation and repair. It offers best results when used in combination with the PRP technique that uses platelets that are obtained from your blood. The benefits are substantial and listed below. 

  • Removal of stretch marks. 
  • Removal of scars.
  • Skin preservation. 

It can be performed on the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  1. Dermalift Facial

Dermalift facial is a combination of 3 skin treatments – microdermabrasion, oxygen facial, and skin lifting with the Venus Legacy device. 

  • Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical technique to remove the upper layer of skin and opening clogged pores and cleaning them. 
  • Oxygen facial provides oxygen to skin cells that increases blood flow to the skin.
  • Skin lifting tightens the skin cells. 

These are the 4 most popular and most effective skin treatments that you must try. 

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