Top 6 American Seeds Cannabis Strains

Top 6 American Seeds Cannabis Strains

America- the land of the free, the home of the brave and the place of origin of some of the finest cannabis genetics on Earth. Since the country experienced legalisation pretty early it has over the years churned out some of the tastiest and strongest weed known to man. The purpose of this post is to explore the best American seeds for sale online in 2020 from the green-fingered nation for our reader’s reference.

Cookies Gelato

Cookies Gelato basically delivers astronomical levels of THC alongside sugary terpenes. This strain is essentially a balance between Indica and Sativa genetics and is generally enough to send your mind skywards after one or two hits. On the contrary, this strain also keeps the mind sufficiently alert even as the body is lulled into a deep state of relaxation.

Triple G

Triple G is basically a descendent from two cultivars namely – Gorilla glue 4 and Gelato 33. Since both of these varieties are quite well-known for their intense highs and surgery terpenes, this strain too has inherited some impressive traits. The triple G strain is known to produce dense, trichome laden flowers that often possess 26% THC alongside earthy, spicy and diesel aromas with sweet flavours of chocolate, candies and berries.

HulkBerry Automatic

HulkBerry Automatic boasts a high level of THC combined with sweet aromas and flavors. It is well-known for producing a stimulating and cognitive high and as such has a rapid flowering time and compact size. In fact this strain mostly produces dense canopies of buds over a growing cycle of 8-9 weeks and is thus perfect for growers looking to keep their operations on the down-low without sacrificing the overall output.

Fat Banana Automatic


While some cannabis lovers solely love to get high, there are still others who value the sensory nature of the experience. Now the fat banana automatic is essentially a tantalising strain with light green and shimmering flowers that possess tropical, fruity and sweet notes that blast on each bud as you inhale them.

Green Gelato Automatic


This strain is a true testament to the quality of American genetics and as such has raised the bar for autoflowering strains throughout the world. The green gelato strain essentially has 24% of THC content along with a balanced genetic profile. Besides, this strain offers a powerful high that rivals most photoperiod strains and has a quick harvest time of 9-10 weeks.

Purple Queen Automatic

This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid and produces dense flowers that often boast striking shades of purple, green, yellow and orange. The purple queen automatic has 16% THC and earthly terpenes that synergise with the cannabinoid to produce a relaxing body stone.

Needless to say the American breeders over the years have created some of the tastiest and most powerful American seeds for sale online that offer a THC percentage along with an easy to grow profile.