Things to Consider When Buying a Face Mask

Things to Consider When Buying a Face Mask

Face masks are the best guards against air pollutants of all kinds – germs, viruses, dirt, dust, and even allergens. That said, you cannot expect all kinds of masks available in the market to be of the same premium quality. So, when buying one, be mindful that it has all the below-listed features and properties that only a high-quality face mask possess because only such masks can protect you. 

What to Look for in a Face Mask When Buying One? 

  1. It Should Fit You Well

A face mask that’s loose from the corners and around the nose will not offer protection at all. So, ensure that you buy a mask that has adjustable elastic ear loops and a metal nose clip. 

  1. It Should Offer Germ Protection

A lot of masks are able to filter dirt and dust from the air to some extent, but only a few high-quality face masks are able to offer germ protection too. Such masks either have pockets to accommodate carbon filters or their fabric is made up of carbon fibers that purify the air that you breathe.

  1. It Should Be Breathable

One of the things that all premium quality face masks by elite manufacturers and sellers have is that they are breathable. They won’t make you feel claustrophobic, and, at the same time, such masks will also make sure that:

  • Air doesn’t leak from the sides of the face and nose. 
  • Moisture doesn’t settle around your specs.

That said, a couple of such wonderful face masks by sellers like Breathe Safely are listed below. Have a look.

#1 The KN95 Protective Face Masks

These high-quality KN95 masks are some of the very few protective masks that are ideal replacements for the actual N95 masks. The properties that make this one so good are as follows. 

  • It will filter 95% of air pollutants – whether they’re germs, viruses, dirt, or splashes – that are greater than 0.3 microns. 
  • It is CDC approved and GB2626 certified. 
  • It offers a snug fit around the ears, nose, and sides. 
  • It has a metal nose piece for proper fitting. 
  • It’s equally good for men and women. 
  1. Non-Medical Reusable Face Masks

The medical grade fabric of this face mask (made with anti-static carbon fibers) makes it as much a protectant against germs and viruses as it is against dirt and pollution. Some of its key features include the following. 

  • It has a nose piece that can be pinched for size adjustment around the nose. 
  • It has elastic ear loops and the fabric is breathable and soft. 

On a parting note, you must wear good-quality face masks only – like the ones listed above – if you want real protection from pollution and viruses.