Myths About Double Eyelid Surgery That You Should Be Aware Of

Myths About Double Eyelid Surgery That You Should Be Aware Of

In Asia, double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Asians tend to be born with monolid eyes, which means having single eyelids. That’s why this procedure is famous among Asians. But if so many people have single eyelids, why bother pursuing double eyelids? The reasons are quite obvious. Many believe that having double eyelids mean you will look better, and achieve better and more optimal facial symmetry. Also, it’s a lot easier to apply makeup.

Myth – Double eyelid surgery is only used for cosmetic purpose

Nope, this is not true. Commonly, people want to get double eyelid surgery for cosmetic purposes. But, that’s not always the case. A double eyelid surgery is also useful to help those that have sagging upper eyelids. [1] If you upper eyelids sag, it will disturb your vision. Sometimes your own skin doesn’t even allow you to open your eyes fully so then it negatively affects your peripheral vision. Regardless of whether you have a sagging or drooping eyelid, you all know that having blurred or unclear vision will affect everything you do, from the smallest task to the biggest ones. In situations like this, it is a relief to know that there is a safe alternative to solve the problem, which is a double eyelid surgery.

Myth – Double eyelid surgery way too expensive

Yes, double eyelid surgeries are not cheap. But most cosmetic procedures that offer long-term results are never cheap to begin with.

For those living in Singapore, the cost of double eyelid surgery in Singapore ranges from around $2700 to above $5000, depending on the type of procedure and package. If you’re worried about budget and you are unsure whether a double eyelid surgery would be a wise decision, consider going to a surgeon or clinic to ask about the package details first. There are many clinics that offer instalment plans, and also discounts that might help make the procedure more affordable. Unfortunately, insurance mostly doesn’t cover a double eyelid surgery because it is commonly for cosmetic purposes. The good news is that clinics might have packages that might suit your budget.

Myth – Double eyelid surgery is for women only

100% no. Of course not! There is no difference between doing a double eyelid surgery for men and a double eyelid surgery for women. The shape of the eyes would be different and the size would also be different. But, it’s still the same procedure. This myth became a popular myth because women are usually more concerned about their looks than men. More often, women would notice their single eyelids and experience the challenge of doing makeup everyday with single eyelids. More often, it is also women who would get together with their women friends to talk about makeup, facial features, and what they can do to make them better. This is probably why most double eyelid patients are women and not men.

In reality, men can also go for a double eyelid surgery. There have been many successful records of men who went for a double eyelid surgery as well. So, please don’t believe in this myth. Double eyelid surgery is for anyone who wants to get a double eyelid. As long as you fit the criteria and your surgeon considers you as a safe candidate for a double eyelid surgery, you can and should definitely go for it.