Whether you plan to undergo a Toronto Facelift or Rhinoplasty Toronto, your initial consultation is very important because it is the perfect time to raise your concerns and understand clearly what the procedure entails and what it could do for you. Rhinoplasty is also popularly known as a nose job. Once you have booked your appointment with a surgeon for rhinoplasty, there is a list of essential things that you should know about and probably also ask questions about from your surgeon before deciding on undergoing the procedure.

Ask about the certification of the clinic.

One of the most important questions to ask your surgeon is about the certification. The clinic that you are planning to undergo the procedure should have a certificate from the governing board regulating private surgical facilities. Also, find out about the certification of the surgeon who would be conducting your procedure.

Experience of the surgeon

When you decide on a surgeon to carry out your procedure, make sure you opt for the surgeon who is a certified plastic surgeon. Choosing a plastic surgeon over a general surgeon is crucial as the plastic surgeon has been specially trained to carry out the procedure. Their expertise would be in that area, which would significantly impact the results of the procedure. If you wish, you could also ask them about their qualifications and where they got it from. Again, ask to see the before and after pictures as it would help you get a better idea of the surgeon’s capacities and give you an idea of the results.

What are the tips for having a successful rhinoplasty?

During your consultation, the surgeon will provide you with a list of instructions you need to follow before and after surgery. The surgeon will also explain how you can prepare well for the surgery and what you should do after the operation. You would be provided with a list of medications you need to stop before undergoing the procedure and shouldn’t be consumed during the healing process. Some of the medicines are blood-thinning medications, which could give rise to possible complications.

Are you the right candidate for the procedure?

When you discuss your expectations with the surgeon, the surgeon will determine whether you are suited for the procedure or not and what the procedure could do for you. Whenever you plan to undergo any plastic surgery procedure, you must have realistic aesthetic goals.

What are the risks and complications which are involved? 

Getting infected is one of the biggest concerns of any surgical procedure. Antibiotics are prescribed to bring down the risks of any procedure. There is a chance of excessive bleeding, which can be dealt with by minimizing head movement and keeping your head elevated while you are sleeping. It is also recommended to limit the intake of specific medication and herbal remedies before the procedure. After having undergone the procedure, you should take extra precautions about your nose being bumped into anything.