Buying Face Masks that Give your Enough Protection Against COVID-19

Buying Face Masks that Give your Enough Protection Against COVID-19

Some nations have started to lift restrictions, hand-washing and social distancing guidelines are still in place in many places, together with advisories to wear masks in public places. Even before the announcement, people have been wearing face masks for coronavirus. However, it is not clear how effective reusable face masks are.

As wearing a face mask is becoming mandatory in many countries, there is a shortage of disposable face masks on markets. That is way manufacturers produce reusable face masks as alternatives. Reducing the public demand for disposable face masks will make sure that health workers will never run out of them. 

Can Reusable Face Masks Protect Against COVID-19?

The World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines state that people must wear medical-grade face masks only if they work directly with patients or look after a COVID-19 patient. Because these faces masks are effective coronavirus masks, they must be reserved for essential healthcare staff who work on the frontline of the pandemic.

Although reusable face masks or non-medical face masks are not as effective at stopping the virus, people can still gain benefits from wearing one. Face masks like those from ÖVO Labs can prevent a wearer from spreading COVID-19 to others if they don’t show any symptoms. The use of a cloth face mask while in crowded places will keep the mouth covered and ensure only fewer particles will be spread into the air through coughs and sneezes. But, it’s important to follow the guidelines on how to wear and remove these masks as people can still catch the disease when wearing them.

How to Choose a Face Mask?

The efficiency of a face mask is decided by how well it filters and how well it fits under the user. When buying face masks, examine the layers. Face masks with more material that is pressed tightly together are effective at blocking contaminants from penetrating. Also, look for what the material is made of. If you want a mask with the best filtration purposes, choose one with the densest material. When you buy face masks online, it can be difficult to check the products; however, you can ask if the retailer will provide you with a photo of the masks with a light behind them. The masks are not dense enough to filter saliva particles that carry germs when the light shines through. But, make sure the masks are not too dense as this would make it hard or impossible for you to breathe through. The best materials for a reusable face mask are cotton and silk.