# Easy Tips to understand the RT-PCR test result

# Easy Tips to understand the RT-PCR test result

The transmissibility of the Coronavirus has become a factor of concern for the past two years. Checking the presence of this communicable disease serves as the priority. With the WHO and medical experts coming up with three COVID-19 test solutions, RT-PCR ( Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests are touted as the most credible ones. This fast and sensitive test is effective in detecting the presence of certain genetic materials in a blood sample. Therefore, every person must have a basic understanding of how to comprehend or read out the RT-PCR Test Gurgaon result. Here are a few tips to help you along the process! 

Understanding RT-PCR Test Results: A Few Tips To Follow

In these difficult times, every person should know how to book RT-PCR in Gurgaon online and understand the results. One can opt for any of the following ways to interpret the results of a COVID-19 test. 

Learn To Interpret CT Value 

The CT (Cycle Threshold) value is enough to get a basic understanding of the RT PCR report. This value provides the SARS-CoV-2 information, which represents the severity of the viral infection. Here are the common results and their possibilities. 


  • CT Value Less Than 25


This case is a serious condition where a patient is likely to develop severe side effects from the virus. One should seek medical monitoring immediately and isolate himself. 


  • CT Value Between 25 and 30


In this case, the condition of the patient is generally moderate with high risks of developing a condition from the virus. Consult a doctor at the earliest if this is what the RT PCR Test Gurgaon represents. 


  • CT Value Above 30


This value is a safe sign and represents low levels of SARS-CoV-2. However, one should get medical assistance in this case as well. 

Use Electronic Medium 

Many leading laboratories provide electronic report viewing systems to their patients. This system helps in checking all reports and test results online. It is best to opt for a laboratory that ensures these services without any glitch. This facility also serves well in these COVID-19 times since one can avoid visiting a laboratory or coming in contact with others effectively. 

Use Lab Expertise 

One can use the expertise and assistance of lab technicians to interpret the test results. Some laboratories keep experienced professionals at the premises to serve patients who have any confusion reading the reports or understanding their meaning. 

Consult A Doctor 

There is no doubt that consulting a doctor is the easiest and best way of understanding the RT PCR test result. One should immediately consult a physician about the reports and get assistance. 

Find The Best RT-PCR Test Laboratory In Gurgaon

An RT PCR Test Gurgaon result will turn out to be the most accurate one if the laboratory uses proven methods. The credibility of the test laboratory affects the results of the test. Here are a few tips one can use to find the best COVID-19 test laboratory. 


  • Go through the online list of the best laboratories available in the city. Check the availability of centers in the lab. 
  • Verify all the ratings and reviews on the website of the preferred testing lab to ensure making a wise choice. 
  • Check all the services offered by the laboratory, including the home collection service. Since it is preferable for senior citizens to not visit the laboratory during these times, the home collection service helps a lot. 
  • Keep track of how well the selected lab service centers work in different parts of the city. 


RT PCR Test Gurgaon is a must for every person suffering from COVID-19 symptoms. The accuracy of this test is mostly higher than the rapid tests. Therefore, one is likely to get a better assurance from the results of RT PCR tests!