Can Medical Marijuana Help Cure Tinnitus?

Can Medical Marijuana Help Cure Tinnitus?

Ever since medical marijuana became legalized in many states, it has become very popular as a cure for many diseases and conditions. While medical marijuana has been known as a proven cure or management drug for glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease and epileptic seizures, its uses and efficiency to cure or help manage other conditions is still quite questionable.

This however hasn’t stopped companies from trying to leverage the popularity of medical marijuana as a solution for conditions like Tinnitus. First of all, you must know that Tinnitus has no medical cure. So, if you come across a medical marijuana solution that claims to be a cure for Tinnitus, it probably isn’t going to come true.

It is also very important that you understand that medical marijuana comes in two forms. There are marijuana products that contain THC and then there are products that are just CBD and free of THC. It is very important that you avoid products with THC as they are addictive in nature. CBD on the other hand is not addictive and it will also not give you a high. CBD is like a clean form of marijuana that will give you all potential medical benefits without sending you on a loopy trip of some kind.

That being said however, are CBD gummies effective for Tinnitus? The answer is largely no. There are several reasons why. First of all, the CBD market is highly unregularized. If you search for CBD products, you will see manufacturer’s claim a variety of strengths in their products. CBD strength will range anywhere from 50,000 to as much as 3 Million in strength. And, there’s also the question of the quality of hemp that CBD is sourced from. Hemp comes from various parts of the world and each strain has a different potency. So, a 50,000 strength CBD from one hemp might not be the same as a 50,000 strength CBD from another hemp sold by a different manufacturer. You will also notice that none of these manufacturers will tell you how their CBD product will help cure or ease your Tinnitus problem. When a drug or supplement is able to treat a condition, the drug’s mechanism will be clearly explained. This is however not the case with CBD gummies, tinctures or oils. You will only find vague references to CBD being able to cure epileptic seizures and such manufacturers imply that Tinnitus is caused by seizures in your ears. There is however no medical evidence to prove this claim and it is largely hype.

How these products might be slightly helpful is in the way they can help ease some anxiety and frustration that you feel from having a debilitating condition like Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition that gets worse due to anxiety, stress or depression. So, taking CBD products to keep anxiety and stress at bay could be an indirect way of treating or at least preventing a Tinnitus spike.