What is the treatment for tendinosis?

What is the treatment for tendinosis?

What is a tendon? Tendon refers to the attachment tissue that is responsible to attach your bone to your muscle. Tendon is a structure that can deteriorate and cause a medical problem called tendinosis. Tendinosis is a medical condition where the overuse of your body caused tendon deterioration. Usually, situations like this will arise at a place where you mostly used that body part a lot such as wrist, elbow, knee, shoulder and also heel. The symptoms for tendinosis include pain at the used area, joint stiffness or even painful lump in certain severe cases. If you think that you are having a tendinosis with these symptoms, then it is recommended to quickly meet your doctor so that he or she can give the appropriate treatment for your problem. There are many treatments that you can choose in order to help cure your tendinosis problem. These include both the medical and also the home remedies. Below is the list of possible treatment that are usually use to treat tendinosis:

  1. Resting the affected area

As mentioned above, tendinosis occurred due to overuse of certain body parts. Because of this reason, the easiest treatment that your doctor may advise you is to rest and limit the use of that body part. Usually, your doctor will recommend you to rest around 2 or 3 weeks in order to make sure that the problem subsides. After the tendinosis has gone away, you may resume your activity like you always do.

  1. Physical therapy

If your doctor thinks that your symptoms are very severe and you need help with your rehabilitation, he or she will have ordered a physical therapy session to help ease your symptoms. In this session, your personal physical therapist will help you to undergo some slight exercises in order to decrease your pain and stiffness. After several sessions, you might feel better and the session will stop once your pain returns back to normal. Just remember not to skip the session as it is crucial in helping you to solve your condition.

  1. Applying ice pack

One of the commonest home remedies that you can try is to use an ice pack. Cold temperature can help to reduce pain and decrease lump, so using an ice pack on the tendinosis area will definitely help. It is very easy to do this. You just need to put some ice cubes in a clean towel, wrap it and apply the pressure on the painful area. You can do this for about 15 to 20 minutes every day until your pain subsides.

  1. Massage

Some people will prefer massage in order to help relieve their muscle pain. Nowadays, there are a lot of professionals in this field that provide this service. You can easily find one at any spa nearby. Just ask for a massage at the painful area and you will find that this method will help decrease your pain.

  1. Using ergonomic products

If you are an office worker and you are having tendinosis because your job needs you to do a lot of computer tasks, you can opt to change your devices into a tendinosis-friendly device. The term for these products is called ergonomic product. Yes, you can choose to buy an ergonomic keyboard or chair in order to help you apply a correct posture during working.

These are some of the common treatments that you can choose in order to help relieve your tendinosis problem. However, if you think that these methods are not working and your medical situation still persists, then you need to consult your doctor as quickly as possible.