What are the 3 types of CBD?

What are the 3 types of CBD?

As you know, cannabidiole (CBD) is mainly obtained from hemp. Furthermore, the Cannabis sativa plant is a hemp plant. More so, CBD is gotten from the Cannabis sativa. Also, CBD products contain less than 0.3 percent of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is a compound in cannabis plants that causes people to be intoxicated when they take it.

Interesting CBD products can’t make you high. However, CBD collaborates with receptors such as the spinal cord, your brain, etc. In other words, one of the pros of CBD is that it calms your nerves and alleviates anxiety. Remember that CDB has different forms. One of the popular forms is CBD oil. Check out the types of CBD below.

Full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is extracted from hemp just like other types. However, the full spectrum has other compounds like terpenes and THC that you can find in the hemp plant. Furthermore, full-spectrum CBD has therapeutic benefits compared to other types. Also, full-spectrum CBD is better used alone for the best therapeutic results.

Broad-spectrum CBD

Interestingly, broad-spectrum CBD has similar features to full-spectrum CBD. The main difference is that broad-spectrum CBD goes through an extra process to remove THC, but other compounds will remain present. Therefore, the broad-spectrum CBD has a lesser amount of THC compared to the full-spectrum.

CBD isolate

This type of CBD has no trace of THC or any other compounds. In other words, CBD isolate is pure CBD, unlike others. Therefore, CBD cannot be intricate or cause any entourage effects. In some countries, this type of CBD is frequently purchased over the counter with a doctor’s prescription.

What are the various ways CBD is consumed?

There are four basic ways you can consume CBD. You can consume CBD in any of these ways, depending on the form. Check them out:

  • Vaping or inhaling the product is one of the commonest ways. Interestingly, smokers who want to quit smoking tobacco will prefer this method because it helps them relieve their stress. Meanwhile, vaping or smoke inhalation may not be suitable for all types of CBD products.
  • Application of CBD oil or ointment. This pattern of consuming this product is good for CBD oils.
  • Oral injection of the CBD product is also suitable. You use CBD orally through candies, snacks, beverages, etc.


CBD is available in capsules, lotions, creams, and other topicals. If you are seeking pain relievers, you could take CBD capsules. But some people prefer using CBD lotions and creams because they don’t flow into the bloodstream. To a large extent, the patients that use CBD lotion, creams, etc., don’t require prescriptions. You can also take Tea with CBD if you want to dilute it.

The CBD is now available in other forms too. Meanwhile, whichever type of CDB you want, you can find it at online stores. Nevertheless, ensure that your CBD product doesn’t have a known side effect. Finally, just because a CBD product is expensive doesn’t make it effective too.