Ways in which you can enhance your protein intake

Ways in which you can enhance your protein intake

Protein is one of the most important parts of nutrition required by a human. Protein plays a strong role in growth and development. The daily expected value for protein intake is 50 grams per day. Protein deficiency can result in many diseases like Kwashiorkor and Marasmus.

Let us take a look in what simple ways you can increment your protein intake:

  • Go for protein before other food.

You should consume the food with high content of protein in it or any additional protein intake before going for the rest of the meal. According to studies, utilizing protein before other carb foods is much more effective then the vice versa.

  • Protein rich snacks.

In between your meals, sneak out time for some protein rich snacks. Junk foods do not have sufficient quantity of protein so always try to avoid eating junk. Instead, intake healthy snacks with cheese to make it more useful for the diet.

  • Prefer eggs over cereals.

In the morning breakfast, eggs serve as the best medium for a protein rich food. They have high content of protein and therefore you should try and replace cereals with eggs.

  • Sprinkling chopped almonds over your food.

Amongst all the nuts, almonds have the richest protein content. Sprinkle chopped almonds on your food like yogurt or cottage cheese to add more value to the amount of protein intake.

  • Use Greek Yogurt.

Greek yogurt has higher protein content than normal yogurt and also helps in controlling fat. It can be used in dips and sauces as well.

  • Protein Shakes

Start your day with a high content protein shake. You can make it by using fruits and nuts or also protein plus powder. It is a highly suitable start for breakfast.

  • Choose the rightly cut meat.

It is important to have leaner and slightly larger cuts of meat to increase the protein content. Same weight of meat cut differently will have less protein content.