Trying to Quit Cigarettes and Weed? Then, Here are Some Organic Blends that You Must Try for Best Results

Trying to Quit Cigarettes and Weed? Then, Here are Some Organic Blends that You Must Try for Best Results

The mood and habits of habitual smokers depend entirely upon the addictive substrates found in cigarettes and weed. It’s nicotine in cigarettes and THC and CBD in weed that cause addiction. The dependence increases to such an extent that smokers start suffering from serious cravings. When the body is suddenly deprived from such substrates, smokers start feeling anxious, nervous, depressed, and most of them even experience pain like pins and needles in their bodies. These are the withdrawal symptoms of quitting nicotine and other addictive substances. And these are the reasons that make quitting cigarettes so difficult. 

If you’ve been suffering from such issues as well and have tasted just failure every time you have tried quitting weed and cigarettes, then herbal smoking blends like the Meo Marley’s smoking blends are what you should try. We have listed 3 such wonderful blends in the guide below. Have a look at what they are and how they help in getting over addiction. 

  1. The Meofill OG Herbal Blend

This herbal blend is loaded with the goodness of herbal products that include:

  • Chamomile – helps in reducing anxiety and improves the sleep quality. 
  • Mullein – reduces body pain and lung inflammation. 
  • Raspberry Leaves – full of antioxidants that remove free radicals generated by cigarettes. 
  • Marshmallow – reduces pain and tones down cough that are the withdrawal symptoms of quitting cigarettes. 
  1. Meofill Zen Herbal Blend

This herbal blend is a power packed mixture that contains pure organic extracts of:

  • Butterfly Pea – contains antioxidants that clears the body from free radicals. 
  • Mullein – a strong analgesic that reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Blueberry Leaves – contains antioxidants to treat free radical damage and helps with anxiety and stress. 
  • Damnia – a highly powerful antidepressant. 
  • Passion Flower – reduces anxiety and cures insomnia that are the after effects of quitting cigarettes. 
  1. Meofill Oleo Herbal Blend

This is a citric herbal blend with a mild bitter taste that uplifts the mood instantly. It’s made with pure citric extracts from:

  • Lemon Balm – reduces anxiety and nausea that are the most common withdrawal symptoms associated with cigarette cessation. 
  • Dried Citrus Zest – loaded with many kinds of antioxidants to deal with free radicals. 
  • Mullein – a powerful antioxidant that can reduce pain as well. 
  • Sage – an anti-carcinogenic agent that contains antioxidants too. 

Do check the website for a detailed guide on how to use the herbal extracts that we have mentioned above. 

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