Things You Need To Know About A Menstrual Cup

Things You Need To Know About A Menstrual Cup

The demand for different feminine cups is into the perks today. Most of these have their own heart-winning story, further easing the lives of women by keeping them free from various related hazards. Menstrual pain is quite irrupting where you won’t be able to control by pushing any parts of your body, and thus it becomes anxious. Different cotton-rich products like tampons, sanitary pads, napkins, and others are also available in the wide variety you can use to control the leakage of the fluid, which seems bad if it is spreading over the clothes. You also need to put a proper preventive approach to control the leakage, but you should understand the risks of those soaked and wet clothes that you are using to control the situation.

These wet and soaking situations might be disruptive, and you also won’t love being in the same position. A menstrual cup can ease your efforts. These don’t get leaky but tend to be airtight, which you can use up to 12 hours in a day. These also enclose other health-related benefits that you need to understand before picking them to use.

Deciding your preferred size

These cups also come in different sizes so that you can pick them accordingly. Before choosing any of these, you also need to give your considerations on below given topics.

  • The age you are pursuing
  • Span of your cervix
  • Light or heavy flow
  • Steadfastness and elasticity of these cups
  • Storage ability of these cups
  • Whether you have given vaginal birth or not

You can select small to large cups that you can use during the light or heavy flow as per the passage available in your vagina. Smaller sizes have been made to those who are up to the age of 30, and those who have crossed the specific age and have given birth vaginally should consider large size cups for efficient results.

Putting these cups  

Once you have found the right size of the product, your next step will be to put it in your vagina. For that, you can wash your hands thoroughly. Pick your preferred cup size to lubricate it by water or water-based lubricant. Hold tight the cup by keeping the rim upright. Once inserted, you should rotate it to open the airtight seal to prevent the fluid from coming outside.

Keeping them out

Based on your age group, you can select a menstrual cup that usually lasts around 8-12 hours based on the flow you might be facing. You can pull it outside with the help of your thumb and index figure once it reaches the by the 12-hour mark. You should also enable effective aftercare of these cups, which you can use for a long time by keeping it clean and hygienic.