Signs That You Need To Get Your Gums Checked

Signs That You Need To Get Your Gums Checked

An infection or gum disease usually starts secretly. If ignored, it can have a severe adverse effect on our oral and overall wellness and possibly lead to dental emergency.

If you have encountered sensitive, sore, or painful gums, you know how even apparently minor issues or small injuries can quickly grow uneasy and even result in a dental emergency Parkland. Infections of the gums, injuries, or diseases that require urgent dental care are likewise common among patients. 

Signs that you require a gum checkup

There might be a few apparent symptoms when your gums have been injured, infected, or compromised in some way. 

Gum disease or infection signs include:

  • Gum abscess

A small red ball that extends from the swollen gum could represent an indication that a pocket of pus has formed in the gum tissues. The gums can separate from the teeth because of an abscess. 

  • Pain or Sensitivity

Do you feel pain when you touch your gums? Your teeth may be extremely sensitive to hot or cold beverages, leading you to flinch when you take a sip. This common gum disease symptom frequently occurs with gum recession. 

  • Shifting or loose teeth

Teeth that become loose or move could have been caused by periodontal disease, a more severe type of gum disease. The illness may have progressed to the point that it is now damaging your jawbone and gums. You must get treatment as soon as possible since delaying it could result in serious medical conditions, including coronary artery disease, stroke, respiratory disorders, and more. 

  • Chronic foul breath

Bad breath can be a result of dry mouth, certain foods, and even certain medications, but it can also be a warning sign of gum disease. Bad breath is typically caused by plaque buildup on the tongue, but it can also be an indication that germs and plaque are not being properly removed. 

  • Bleeding and a metallic taste in your mouth

You could be tasting blood if you have noticed a metallic taste in your tongue. Even if you did not see any blood while you were brushing and flossing, this could still be an indication of bleeding gums and an infection. 

  • Redness, swelling, or inflammation 

Healthy gums are pink in color. Your gums might be an early warning sign of gingivitis if they are red and rigid to the touch, swollen, or even painful. 

Unfortunately, while they may not hurt, signs of unhealthy gums may sometimes be hard to notice. Alternatively, symptoms appear softly and gradually.