Preserving your Health, Drink Alkaline Water

Preserving your Health, Drink Alkaline Water

It is known to many that alkaline water has a positive impact on human health – be it immunity building, chronic illness control or even fighting the ageing process. In recent times, one can find a great number of brands of alkaline water producing machines in the market. But buying the best one is not as easy as it seems. For preserving one’s health, the role played by the natural alkaline water machine is undeniable.

For those who have been suffering from different sorts of physical issues, these machines have great roles to play. Alkaline water, undeniably, has all the essential nutrients and therefore, if one wants to absorb the necessary ingredients into the body, this water is a great option to opt for. Just like the natural spring water, they have the best benefits. Moreover, these machines remove the harmful fluoride that stays in most brands of water.

The Benefits of Using an Alkaline Water Machine

When it comes to the machines, they do not need much maintenance at all. Only once a year does the filter need to be changed. 10000 litres of Alkaline water can be produced through the machine – making it a convenient and perfect deal for all.

The biggest source of codification in our bodies is, in fact, metabolism. We all need metabolism – it is the process that breaks down food (or our fats) to generate the energy necessary for our bodies to function. Breaking down food or stored fats means breaking large molecules, with long sequences of chained carbon atoms, into carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules, each with only one carbon. We generate energy continuously in this way.

The Advantages of Consuming Alkaline Water

  • Lack of Toxins

Humans need a lot of water to survive, not to mention maintain good health. Our bodies are said to produce large amounts of acid that is affected if we consume too much water. How, then, are we alive if we produce that much acid?

We are alive because we have excellent physiological mechanisms to maintain the pH of the human body exactly as it should be. The acidity or alkalinity value of a food or liquid is defined by its pH, which can vary between 1 (for the maximum acidity) and 14 (the maximum value for alkalinity).

To stay alive, the human organism must be able to keep the blood pH value at 7,365 constant – a slightly alkaline value, taking into account that the acid-base value is 7 (the neutral pH).

  • Improves Metabolism

In normal cellular metabolic processes, acids are produced and absorbed into the space between cells in the tissues (called inter cellular space). From there, they pass into the bloodstream, which quickly expels them from the body, largely through fluid waste like urine.

This mainly includes the lungs, which continuously eliminate carbon dioxide from the blood. There are about 450 liters of carbon dioxide eliminated from our body every day by breathing, without you even having to think about it! Your kidneys also help to keep your pH stable, eliminating excess acids as needed.

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