How to Prevent Hearing Damage and Hearing Loss?

How to Prevent Hearing Damage and Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can limit the sufferer’s day to day life. It can affect nearly all aspects of their life, from doing their job to taking part in traffic, going out, and enjoying music. This makes ear protection is important. 

Hearing loss is experienced when a person has reduced or no hearing in one or both ears. It can have different causes including old age, infections, damaged eardrums, and exposure to loud noises. Keep reading to learn more about hearing loss and ways to prevent it.

Hearing Damage

The cochlea is where you will find small nerve cells with tiny cilia attached. With age, these cilia will get worn out. This is the reason many elderly people have hearing issues. This is known as age-related hearing loss. Also, the cilia can be damaged by too loud noises, which can take place right away after hearing a very loud noise. It is also possible for the damage to happen when your ears are overburdened when exposed to noises of at least 80 decibels too long or too often. 

Preventing Hearing Damage and Hearing Loss

A lot of people suffer from hearing loss and hearing damage which may not always be cured with antibiotics or hearing aids. This is prevention is always important. Ear protection devices from Audiology Centre West keeps ears and hearing in tip-top shape. To prevent hearing damage and hearing loss, you should avoid long-term exposure to loud noises of 85 decibels. Also, it is imperative to wear ear protection when exposed to loud noises. When you notice something wrong with your hearing, visit your doctor right away. Moreover, you must take an ear break every now and then to give the cilia in the cochlea some time to recover from the noise.

Importance of Ear Protection

While it is not possible to prevent all forms of hearing loss and damage, often, wearing proper ear protection can make all the difference. Using earplugs, noise-cancelling headphones, and ear defenders can protect your years. Just make sure to check the noise reduction rating of every device. This rating determines the effectiveness of hearing protection devices. You want to opt for a higher NRR for an effective device. 

Today’s earplugs are often made of a comfortable soft thermoplastic material that is free of silicone and shapes the ear canals with your body heat. They can be worn all day or night long, without irritating your ears.