How To Choose Your First Disposable Vape

Smokers who try to quit cigarette smoking may find it hard to do so when there is nothing to help them transition. But thanks to people who also happen to be quitting ciggies, vaporizers were invented. As for smokers who are about to take on their first vape or newbies who think of getting one, remember that your first vape matters. So, for your first, we suggest the use of disposable vaporizers.

Disposable nicotine vape pen pod vaporizers are highly recommended due to their features: easy to use, maintenance-free, and discreet. They are also fully-charged, and a pod cartridge filled with vape juice is already attached to it.

Here are other things to consider in buying your first disposable vape:

Puff Count

In choosing your first disposable vape, ask the seller if it can make 200 puffs or more. If it does, it means that the disposable vape is worth buying.

Internal Battery


Another important thing to check in buying that first vape is the battery capacity. Make sure that it does not quickly run out of battery. Decent battery life should at least be 320mAh or higher like the disposable vape pen pod FreecoolYstick so that vapers don’t experience dry hits too early. 

The Atomizer

Research if the disposable vape pen that you want has an excellent atomizer. Most disposable vapes tend to cut out or break easily. So, it pays to look for one that has consistent performance.


The MTL Draw


Smokers who quit smoking tobacco love authentic disposable vaporizers are the MTL or mouth-to-lung draw they experience from cigarettes. It pays to check if the device you are about to buy can provide the same experience.

Continue reading all this informationand more through this infographic by Bright Tech.

How to Choose Your First Disposable Vape