Great experience at Dr Batra Clinic from booking till consultation

Great experience at Dr Batra Clinic from booking till consultation

I have been suffering from various hair concerns, including extreme hair fall, dandruff, and itching. I have tried all things possible to get rid of my hair problems. Sick and tired of the failed attempts, I decided to visit Dr. Batra’s clinic at last. I have heard so much about them from various sources. So, I found it reliable and went there. 

I know, when it comes to hair problems, I am not the only one. A lot of people suffer from various hair concerns. Therefore, I decided to write a Dr. Batra review for all those looking for cost-effective treatment plans. I hope you guys will find it helpful!

Let us start from the appointment part!

Scheduling an appointment

I booked the appointment for my hair problems. However, suppose you have any other condition(s), including skin issues, allergy, child health, PCOS, depression, thyroid disorder, stress, women’s health, sexual health, obesity, among others. In that case, you can also feel free to consult them. They have an extremely knowledgeable team of experts.

Now, let’s find out how you can make an appointment!

You can book your appointment online. They have got more than 200 clinics and 400 doctors worldwide. Just go to their website, fill in your details, such as name, mobile phone, number, and email id, and you will be redirected to the right page. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully. Here, I am giving the link for your convenience: 

The facility

The facility was spick and span with no trace of dirt at all. You will be allowed inside the clinic only when you follow all COVID-19 protocols. All the staff is well-behaved and proactive. 

The consultation

  • Medical examination: On the day of my first consultation, the doctor performed a medical assessment. She spent around 30 to 45 minutes understanding my concerns, the extent of hair loss, and whether I have any underlying health condition causing thinning of hair. 
  • Scientific assessment: After taking down all my details, the doctor did a digital scalp and hair assessment using a video microscope. She said that it would help magnify the scalp by 200 times and allow her to understand the condition in a better way. Identifying the extent of the problem will help her come with the right treatment plans for me. She informed me that this scientific analysis would help her understand hair thinning causes if I have baldness. 
  • Treatment plan: After informing me about the nitty-gritty about hair concerns and their approach to treating the same, she chalked down a custom-tailored treatment plan for me, depending on the diagnosis. What I liked is, she designed my treatment plan according to my needs, temperament, expectations, the intensity of hair loss, and budget. My treatment plan included homeopathic medications, esthetic treatments, and health supplements to ensure holistic care.

The state-of-the-art technology

Dr. Batra’s clinic has always been the epitome of advanced technologies and breakthroughs. Here is a glimpse into why Dr. Batra’s clinic is one-of-its-kind.

e-Medical records: It is a system that is integral to the clinic’s protocol since 1982. You will not have to carry any document or report when you see your doctor as all your prescriptions and tests reports are saved in the patient’s account in your name. 

Cutting-edge diagnostic techniques: They use advanced technologies, including Video microscopes, 3D imaging technology, a 3D imaging device, Digital PFR, and Tele-homeopathy, to name a few, to diagnose and provide the right treatments to patients with varying needs. Plus, Dr. Batra’s clinic is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. 

The medical team

Apart from having more than 400 homeopathic doctors at Dr. Batra’s clinic, they also have a medical experts team, including pediatrician, gynecologist, trichologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, among others. So, if you are suffering from any other issue besides hair problems, you can turn to them for sure.

I think all this information would be enough to help you make the right choice and come to Dr. Batra’s clinic to get suitable treatment for you.

My experience

Based on my treatment and the outcomes I got, I would recommend Dr. Batra’s hair treatment to everyone suffering from hair fall issues. Right from the facility’s ambiance, cleanliness, doctors, and other staff members, I liked everything out there. As far as the treatment result is concerned, my hair has improved very much, and now I have no hair fall at all.

So, if you or anyone you know is suffering from any kind of hair-related problems and nothing is helping you, you can consider Dr. Batra’s hair treatment plan. It is effective and affordable.