Cannabis Smoking Has Continued For Hundreds of Years 

Cannabis Smoking Has Continued For Hundreds of Years 

If you want to consume the whole joint in one breath, then the dab of cannabis concentrate would help you. Concentrate rigs are simple bongs designed to inhale oils or concentrate. The difference from the dry herb side is the attached nail. The nail is heated with fire that produces concentrated vapor, and the process is called dabbing. You can replace the standardized glass nail with one crafted from quartz, ceramic or domeless titanium. Most premium glass brand consists of the top-shelf nail with a water pipe, but fanciful smokers want extra accessories to augment their dab system.  


Dabs are derived from extracts of CBD, THC, or other cannabinoid variants that can be vaporized through a dab rig. It is a device made of glass specifically designed to consume concentrated cannabis. Apart from regular rigs made from glass or quartz, e-rigs are also available. The nail attached to the rig can be crafted from glass, titanium, or ceramic that endures heating up to 8000F. Typically quartz nail gives the optimal experience as it does not deform under tremendous heat or thermal pressure, unlike glass nail. Moreover, it does not interact with smoke and provides the actual flavor of most concentrates.


Cannabis is a multifarious plant, and there is little understanding of how and why the plant interacts with the human body. Smoking cannabis has been practiced for hundreds of years, but the extraction process has changed over the last few decades. Concentrates vary in two ways; the extraction process and the source material (buds, trim, or stem). Dabbers are asking for stronger, flavored variants with high potentiality.

Electronic nail

An electronic nail is an alternative to the traditional one heated by electricity; the circuit box controls the flow of electricity that heats the coil that warms up the nail. E-nail provides precise temperatures, so they are a bit more costly than usual ones. A dabber is a tool made of stainless steel or glass to move the dab, used to place the dab on the scorched nail without burning your finger. The term dab refers to the size of the concentrate, about half a grain of rice. The dab could be muggy, waxy, or sticky in nature.

Canna butter

Canna butter can be used for dabbing through dab rigs, though not typically classified as a concentrate; technically, it is. It is derived from the slow cooking of butter and weed mixed together to extract the cannabinoids and other plant compounds from the leaves. But dabbers are fascinated by canna butter due to its full-bodied, high characteristic.