Are Dental Implants Real Teeth?

Are Dental Implants Real Teeth?

You may have heard in dental clinics and seen on advertisement boards some pictures and notes about dental implants. They make you believe implants are the same as your natural teeth. You are implanting real teeth to replace your lost and missed teeth. All of these notes are exaggerated because implants are not natural teeth. A dentist offering dental implants in Vancouver explains that, they come with unique materials which look the same as your natural teeth, and their dental root is a screw. Although implants are not natural teeth, you can consider them the best dental treatment for lost and missed teeth. Dentists say your repaired natural teeth are much better than any artificial teeth, but sometimes you don’t have any other choice. Imagine you lose your teeth due to tooth decay, severe cavity, and other factors. Then you cannot keep on living without teeth, so the best method is implanted to restore your lost and missed teeth.

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Although dental implants are not natural teeth, they are permanent ones. Never think about short-term dental treatments to restore and replace your teeth.

Implants are the best choice because they come with titanium screws and locate on your jawbone stably. You cannot live without your teeth. Your eating process depends on the presence of your teeth; therefore, don’t hesitate.

It would help if you replaced your lost and missed teeth, and implants are the best choice for those with large amounts of money. Every permanent thing is more expensive than other temporary methods.

You are also free to choose dentures and remove them whenever you want. Consider that implants are not removable at all, and they look the same as your natural teeth, but they are not real.

Try to choose the replacement dental treatment as soon as possible because lost and missed teeth will bring different issues to your life. You may face severe dental and oral pain, or it will reduce the quality of your life.

How Is the Procedure for Dental Implants?

You need to restore and replace your teeth immediately after losing or missing teeth because of an oral injury or brutal accident. Implants have some steps and special procedures, just like other dental treatments.

In the first place or step, you need to find the most professional cosmetic dentist. Then consult with your chosen and demanded dentist to select the best procedure for replacing or restoring your lost and missed teeth.

After consultation, there is another crucial step. Cosmetic dentists examine your teeth condition, oral situation, and other essential matters. Examination results will show if you are a good candidate for implants.

Some people are allergic to implant materials, and you can be one of these people. Cosmetic dentists perform implants procedure during some long sessions. They need to structure the implants according to your natural teeth conditions.

There is also another important to consider. Cosmetic dentists need to treat your damaged teeth around the implant place.

In case of losing and missing your teeth, it is time to replace and restore your tooth with the best replacement dental treatment, don’t wait anymore and get help from your cosmetic dentist.