Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline You Need to Know About

Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline You Need to Know About

As far as Alcohol withdrawal is concerned, one should first know what are symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol. It is a fact that the longer one has been having alcohol, the more difficult it becomes for one to come out of it once for all. Chronic consumption of alcohol leads to lot of issues both physically and mentally especially if they have been having for a prolonged period of time without any stop in between. This would require more effort and time to sort out if they plan on quitting. In such cases, the brain of the person gets accustomed to the excessive drinking and the total brain function and even structure to some extent is altered leaving one more prone to severe withdrawal symptoms.

First stage of alcohol withdrawal

The first and mild level of alcohol withdrawal symptom can start from the period of 6 hours since stopping alcohol consumption. It could go on up to 24 hours from the last consumption of alcohol. These kinds of early symptoms will go on to intensify and then subside within 24 to 48 hours. Medications are also prescribed that can help ease many of the early alcohol withdrawal symptoms to a considerable extent. The range of mild symptoms includes anxiety, head ache and intense craving.

Second stage of alcohol withdrawal

The second stage of withdrawal symptom starts between 24 and 48 hours after the last drink, more intense symptoms also starts leading to more risks. Adrenergic medications may be used to treat elevated blood pressure and pulse rate and anti-seizure medications will also be provided which may also help deal with the depression, irritability and anxiety.

Third stage of alcohol withdrawal

This turns out to be more severe after 48 hours timeline is crossed. The person may experience extreme itching, burning, and rash kind of sensations of bugs crawling under skin.