[Video] How To Make Your Own Natural Remedies In A Very Easy, Fun And Really Cheap Way!

30 Nov

How To Make Your Own Natural Remedies

How To Start Growing And Making Your Own Natural Remedies With Herbs

Today, I am so exciting to share this great video showing how to start growing and making your own healing solutions with herbs.

In this video, you’ll find recipes for an anti-dandruff hair oil that uses rosemary, thyme and lavender; a feverfew herb with butter to help prevent migraine; sachets that repel moths with their ingredients of wormwood and sage; and, if you’ve got indigestion, why not try soothing it with an angelica and mint cocktail?

One of the my favorite herbal remedy ingredients is Dandelion. It is well known for fluid retention, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, improve eczema,…

Watch this awesome video and you will be able to find out how to make your own natural remedies in a very easy, fun and really cheap way.

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