How to get glowing skin in a week? |Glowhill Skincare

How to get glowing skin in a week? |Glowhill Skincare

To determine your skin health condition, a natural glow is the first indicator. You can artificially add a glow with a makeup highlighter and a luminous lotion. But you cannot wear makeup all the time. Because makeup ruins your skin texture more.

An unhealthy lifestyle, stress, sunlight, humidity, and unhealthy food contribute to damaging your skin texture. Your skin becomes dull, uneven, pigmented and you lose the natural shine from your face.

To get a natural glow, you need to add foods and drink that have antioxidant properties to clean your skin inside out. It takes time to reflect on your skin what you eat. But there are methods you can use to get glowing skin within a week.

According to the dermatologists, your skin needs two key treatments that replenish your skin texture and restore your luminous skin.

  1. Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation is the process of removing the upper layer of dead skin cells. You can do it by using a physical exfoliant i.e facial scrub or a chemical exfoliant (AHA, BHA) that removes dead skin cells smoothly without irritation.

  1. Hydration

Hydrating skin is most important in achieving youthful skin. Baby skin retains moisture that is why it looks soft and supple. You need to hydrate your skin by drinking a lot of water and also by topically applying hydrating agents which can restore the moisture level of your skin.

When you research about Korean skincare, you will notice that most products they create are about hydrating for the skin. It includes Sheet mask, Ampoules, Hydrating mask, Hydrating serums, hydrating lotions, and Hydrating toners. All the skincare revolves around the hydration of the skin. That is why Korean have a natural glow on their skin. One of its brands GLOWHILL has launched products that give natural glow within a week.

Glowhill – Pure peel hydrate cream Review

One of the best ways to brighten your skin is to exfoliate it regularly. You need to exfoliate your skin with a physical exfoliant thrice a week. But with a chemical exfoliant, you need just an application to remove dead skin cells. Glowhill pure peel mask peels off dead skin cells smoothly because there is natural AHA is this cream. AHA is made from fruit acids of apple, lemon, and lime. It is not a harsh exfoliant. It is of mild potency AHA.

Triple hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and tightens skin pores. And cleanse the top layer of skin and brings rejuvenated skin layer. You can apply this cream at night and wash your face in the morning. You may notice clearer skin in just one week. The best thing about this cream is no side effects because all ingredients used are natural.

Glowhill – Total solution glow ampoule pad Review

These are 7 packs of ampoule pads in the package, one for each day. It is a 1-week solution to give a natural glow to the skin. After exfoliation, you need to hydrate your skin to give it a natural glow. You have to apply a pad content on your face and leave it to absorb into your skin.

These pads contain natural antioxidants like omega oil, African walnut oil, and squalane. It also includes avocado oil, Oenothera odorata oil, apricot kernel oil, & sunflower seed oil to make your skin supple and even out wrinkles and fine lines. Using this ampoule masks just for one week makes the significant improvement in skin texture and you get a natural glowing face.