TOP 4 Homemade Foot Soak Recipes

17 Dec

How To Keep Your Feet Feeling Smooth And Soft With The Herbs And Essential Oils

How To Keep Your Feet Feeling Smooth And Soft With The Herbs And Essential Oils

Your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body, but they are usually trapped inside shoes for  most of the day. Here are ways to keep them odour-free.

An excellent foot soak will make you really feel a bit spoiled, it will make you really feel loosened up. They can do marvels like calming your muscles, moisturizing your skin and also relief from painful discomforts that happens because of standing for long hours or walking in brand-new shoes. They are also discovered to decrease swelling of foot and protecting against germs from entering cuts and cracks underneath toe nails.

Today, I would love to share how to do fragrant foot soak with the herbs (Rosemary, Sage and Ginger Roots) and essential oils. (Lavender and Eucalyptus)

You will need:


Step 1: Place rosemary, sage and ginger root in a large saucepan with water. (if you have no fresh herbs to hand, use 1 table spoon of each herb in dried form instead.) Bring to the boil. Remove from heat, cover bowl and steep for 10 minutes. Strain.

Step 2: Add bicarbonate of soda, Epsom salts and essential oils. Mix well. Pour into a foot spa or shallow dish big enough for both feet. Top up with extra water and add ice.

Step 3: Soak feet for 15 minutes; pat dry.

Give yourself a regular pedicure and care for your feet with soothing natural products. Let your feet breathe and exercise naturally by walking barefoot whenever you can. Being vigilant about foot care helps prevent problems such as corns and keeps your feet feeling smoth and soft. 🙂

source (The complete book of herbs)




Awesome stress relieving foot soak remedy from view from the fridge


You’ll need (for quite a bit batch):

1 cup of sea salt
1 cup of Epsom salt
2 cups of Baking Soda
12 – 15 drops of your favorite Essential Oil(s). For this Stress Relieving Soak, I used Stress Away blend from Young Living . I’ve also added Peppermint, Lavender, or even Lemon or Lime to my soak.


  • Combine sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda in a large bowl.  Mix well.
  • Add 12-15 drops of your favorite Essential Oil
  • Using a spoon, mix the ingredients again to distribute the oil(s) throughout the mixture.
  • Once combined, store in a sealable container. When ready to use … pour about 1/4 cup of the salt/oil mixture into a bowl, add hot water (as hot as you can stand), and add feet!
  • Grab a good book or a fun magazine and soak for 15 minutes or up to 1 hour!


Easy Chamomile Foot Soak DIY


Chamomile foot soak

Chamomile foot soak is a wonderful DIY to pamper and soothe your feet. This homemade stress reliever is super easy and inexpensive to make and is also a perfect gift idea. – This foot soak recipe is from Suburban Simplicity.



  1. Stir all ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. You can open 1-2 chamomile tea bags to create loose leaf tea if needed.
  3. Transfer to an air tight container.
  4. To use, place 1/2 cup of chamomile foot soak in hot water, insert feet and enjoy!

Cinnamon Rosemary Foot Soak & Essential Oils Gift Guide!!


Cinnamon Rosemary Foot Soak & Essential Oils Gift Guide!!

Easy gifts (like this one) are my absolute favorite. This homemade soak recipe is from Shacken Together



  1. In a glass bowl, add a heaping 1/3 cup of epsom salt and 3-4 drops each Cinnamon Bark and Rosemary essential oils.
  2. Stir together until the oils are incorporated and there are no clumps left.
  3. Spoon into an air tight container – 4 oz quilted mason jars or small ceramic crocks work perfectly!
  4. For gift giving, add a stamped tag with the contents and add the directions for use on the back of the tag.
  5. When you are ready to enjoy your cinnamon rosemary foot soak, sprinkle a few tablespoons in warm water and soak your feet!

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