Herbs for Stress & Anxiety

23 Nov

Herbs for stress & Anxiety

How to Make and Use Herbal Remedies to Strengthen the Nervous System

Treat stress, anxiety, depression, and more with simple herbal remedies that calm your mind, build a healthy nervous system, and promote lasting peace.

In this informative guide, renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar profiles 21 herbs proven to be effective at soothing common ailments like insomnia, panic attacks, skin conditions, and migraines.

With simple directions for making herbal mixtures that can be used in delicious teas, tinctures, and capsules, Gladstar shows you how to harness the power of nature to achieve a more relaxed and fulfilling life. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

Real Customer Reviews

My whole life has change since following the advice in …
By Angie

My whole life has change since following the advice in this book, I was diagnosed with post-menopausal anxiety some months ago and was at the edge of my life, but since using natural herbs, I am much calmer, my hair has started to grow very well again, I am smiling again and am feeling on top of the world.

Highly Recommend!

As a naturopathic medical student, this helped a lot when making herbal formulas. Highly recommend this book! Rosemary Gladstar, has always been a favorite author of mine. I have so many of her books in my library. This book is a must if you are looking for healthier ways to reduce stress and anxiety through botanicals.


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