Herbal Ayurvedic remedies to Cure Mild Covid Symptoms

Herbal Ayurvedic remedies to Cure Mild Covid Symptoms

With the onset of the COVID–19 pandemic, people have gotten a fear of fever, cold, fatigue which are mild symptoms of coronavirus. While one can get a vaccine for the virus, fever and cold may still happen to anybody. For such conditions, one can do some remedies at home and manage the symptoms without having to visit an ER.

What we can do is improve our immunity so mild symptoms like fever, cold, flu and fatigue don’t take a turn for the worse. Here are some remedies you can do to treat mild covid symptoms and improve your immune system.

  1. Hydration

Have warm water with dry ginger root and basil (tulsi) leaves. To make this mixture, boil some water and add a piece of ginger and brew this until the quantity of water becomes half. Now add a teaspoon of honey and drink this tea warm. Ginger is an excellent immunity booster and helps with treating cough and flu.

  1. Diet

Have all food groups in your diet. Cook fresh food daily and avoid junk or overprocessed food. Make soups at home and have them every other day. Do not overeat and try to leave the stomach half empty which is recommended for better digestion.

  1. Spices

Indian spices are known all over the world for their taste as well as their medical powers. Add spices into your food like cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, star anise and cloves. These spices are known to boost immunity and also help treat cold and flu. Ayurvedic experts also recommend adding turmeric and dry ginger in recipes.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is the best way to boost immunity. Get 8 hours of sleep daily. Clear out distractions from your room when you are preparing to sleep so you have a better sleep session.

  1. Relax

Keep yourself relaxed at all times. There is no need to panic if you think you have mild covid symptoms. Keep in contact with your doctor and get them to prescribe you any medicines to combat the symptoms. Read more on how you can get your medicines to your doorstep without having to leave your home.

Herbal Remedies

Ayurveda suggests that if you have a cough, you can have one tablespoon of honey with black pepper powder 3-4 times a day. If you have throat irritation, chew on ginger root multiple times a day. In case of throat pain and congestion, add pink salt and dried turmeric powder to warm water and gargle with it.