Christmas Decoration With Herbs – Simply Beautiful !

11 Dec

With just Christmas weeks away, I’ve been researched Christmas decoration ideas and find these beautiful ideas and love to share them with you. 🙂 Aren’t they look gorgeous? If you want to know details of each ideas, simply click the title of each ideas. It will take you to the original sites. 🙂

Happy Marry Christmas!


Today I thought I would share some simple Christmas table ideas.When we first jump out of the gate after Thanksgiving, we have great plans for Christmas. The shopping will be done early and we will wrap everything as soon as we bring it home.

We will bake cookies early and have them ready to share with everyone. And then reality hits of all that we have to do, and none of those things happen. So, I am all about keeping it as simple as possible, especially with setting a Christmas table.


Rosemary Wreath – DIY

It’s surprisingly easy and you can display them on a table, a mantle, or anywhere else that needs a little life.

make a miniature rosemary wreaths

How to Make Herb Wreaths

A wreath of fresh herbs is so much more than a festive holiday decoration. It is as functional as it is beautiful, providing a veritable garden of herbs that will add flavor to your recipes throughout the season. Whether you hang it on your front door, keep it handy in the kitchen, or give it as a gift, this herb wreath is sure to be a hit for the holidays. – Jonathan Fong


how to make a herb wreaths


Candlelight Romance

Adding lavender to small candle jars for the Xmas decoration.  The look is clean and fresh and smells divine!





Foliage might just be our new favourite kind of flower.

We know, we were taken aback too.

But it’s organic, rustic, and oh-so-chic.

From flowing ivy to laurel adornments, springs of rosemary to spikes of eucalyptus, foliage not only adds a lush factor to your decoration, but it’s a cost efficient way to beef up the botanicals and spread out your flower budget.

Foliage candle deco


49 Awesome DIY Holiday Cards

If there’s one thing you’re going to hand-make this holiday season, avoid the generic store-bought Christmas cards and opt for one of these creative ideas. Most people display their Christmas cards, and yours will be sure to stand out.

A Simple Wreath Holiday Card


Mini wreaths crown votives on a mantel

This is one of my favorite decoration ideas. This simple craft is elegant and can be changed to use up the herbs that you have on hand.

Mini wreaths crown votives on a mantel.

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