Best Medication Reminder Strategies to Follow

Best Medication Reminder Strategies to Follow

If you have a chronic disease, missing a dose of your medicine regularly can have many negative consequences. Even if you have a mild disease, if you forget to take your medicines daily, chances are your condition can become worse. So how can a person remember to take their doses if they are not habitual of taking any medicines from the start? 

For good mental and physical health, not only a good session of exercises such as aerobics or cardio is important but also medical intervention becomes necessary if a person contracts a health issue. Medicines become as important as oxygen to treat and manage health conditions. So, let’s take a look at some of the strategies which may help you remind when it’s time to take your dose. 

How to remember to take your medications on time

  • Make a list. A to-do list helps carry out tasks. So, a list of medications you need to take in a day can keep you reminding about your doses throughout the day. Make a list of your daily medications and stick it on the fridge or somewhere you can see easily. Use a smartphone to track all changes in your medicines. There are several apps for medicines management to help users create and manage their medicine routine, such as Round Health, Medisafe, Mango Health, etc. 
  • Set a particular time to take your medicines. Take your medicines at the same time every day so you don’t forget about them later. Mark your time for dose intake with morning coffee or mealtimes, after you brush your teeth or take a shower or even at bedtime. 
  • Leave notes for yourself. Notes help you remember things. Stick notes on your bathroom mirror or side-table or kitchen fridge to help you remind when it’s time to take your medicine. Use a dry-erase board to help keep track of your daily medicines, and erase the reminder of each medicine once you have taken it.
  • Ask a pharmacist. Some pharmacies sell reminder pill cases with reminders on their caps. These reminder caps are so helpful in counting your medicines intake daily. Find a reputable online pharmacy and order these types of reminder pill-boxes and caps to help with your medicines management.
  • Use a pillbox. There are pill-boxes in the market that have days of the week marks on them. Keep your daily medicines in each box of the day and empty that box by the end of the day as prescribed. Keep the pillbox in a place that is easily visible to you such as a countertop, study table, kitchen table but try to keep it away from children and pets.
  • Turn your pill bottle upside down. This is a helpful tip. Turn the pill bottle upside down after you take your pills and turn it upright at the end of the day to start fresh the next day.
  • Ask your family members. Involve your family members in your medicine routine. Ask them to remind you of a particular time of day to take your medicine. 


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