Add 1 TBSP of THIS to the Stem of Your Plants and Watch What Happens!

20 Mar

Add 1 TBSP of THIS to the Stem of Your Plants and Watch What Happens!

All of us recognize that cinnamon is incredibly tasty and supplies numerous benefits for our health and wellness. However have you heard that it can be beneficial for your plants too?

You have reviewed millions of posts concerning consuming even more cinnamon or adding it to our diet regimens. Yet today’s article is interested in the benefits of cinnamon for your plants.

There are numerous reasons you need to discuss the benefits of cinnamon with your favorite plant. Below we will supply the 6 main factors for that.

1.Using Cinnamon as an Anti-Fungal for ‘Damping Off’ Disease: Protect Seedlings!

2. Wild Mushrooms

You probably know that mushrooms don’t like cinnamon. Instead of cleaning your garden from all those boring wild mushrooms, just put a little cinnamon dusting over them and enjoy while they slowly disappear!

3. Rooting Hormone

Cinnamon can replace all those rooting hormone chemicals. So clear your home from all those harmful chemicals and start using cinnamon instead. When you plant the cutting apply a little cinnamon to the stem.

4. Effective ant deterrent

People love cinnamon, don’t they? As for me, I especially love it on top of my homemade rice pudding and apple pie. But ants do NOT. Sprinkle some cinnamon around your garden beds to kill the ants, and keep them away for some time. You also have ants in the house? Do the same thing: Sprinkle some cinnamon near your entrances and watch the ants run for their lives!

5. Plant “wound” healer

The act of accidental cutting or “wounding” your plants may make you feel guilty and apologetic to your plant. Instead of crying over spilt plant milk, promptly brush some cinnamon on the “bleeding wound” to encourage healing and prevent infection. Oh, yes, plants can get infections too, so they have their natural resin!

6. House plants

Do not forget to take care of your indoor plants while pruning your outdoor ones. The cinnamon helps to get rid of dangerous mold and mildew on your plants. Sprinkling some cinnamon on the soil will wipe those things out and your plants will flourish again!

Using Cinnamon as an Anti-Fungal for ‘Damping Off’ Disease: Protect Seedlings!






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