7 Clever Herb Gardening Tips You Absolutely Love To Try

3 Dec

Natural herbs have actually long been revered for both their medicinal as well as culinary value. They could heal colds, assist you rest as well as include flavor and zest to supper. Thankfully for house garden enthusiasts, growing natural herbs is fairly easy. They thrive in practically any kind of soil, do not need much plant food, as well as are not often bothered by insect or pest.

Specified as a plant without a woody stem that dies back at the end of each expanding season, herbs were once taken into consideration a gift of the gods. Today, herbs are popular in many home gardens, where their leaves are used for flavoring as well as an entire plant might be used for medicinal purposes.

7 clever herb gardening tips you absolutely love to try.

Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs



Nothing tastes better than fresh herbs. There’s nothing better than cooking something and walking outside and picking some of your own fresh herbs to add to your dish. Once you start cooking with them, it’s difficult to imagine cooking without them. A side benefit of growing your own herbs is that you can dry them and store them for use later in the year when you may not be able to grow them because of the weather. You save so much money when you have your own herbs. Here’s a few tips for growing your own herbs at home. You can grow these directly in the ground, if you have the room, or in pots. They are easy to grow, you’ll save money, and your food will taste fantastic. >> Here are Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs 

A better way to grow cilantro


A better way to grow cilantro


Wouldn’t it be nice to have fresh cilantro growing right outside your kitchen door? Whenever you wanted to fix Mexican salsa or guacamole, or a Middle Eastern yogurt sauce for your lamb kabobs, there the lacy, sweetly pungent leaves would be, ready to harvest.

But if you’ve ever tried to grow it, you’ve probably noticed that cilantro yields a fast crop; plants are barely up before they try to flower and set seeds. So those tasty leaves aren’t around long, especially in warm weather. >> Here is a better way to grow cilantro

Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden


Growing herbs is one homesteader skill that everyone should know (in my opinion, that is). It may be a challenge though in case you don’t have any space outside or when winter is coming. This may pose a problem but don’t you worry, the solution is just inside your home, an indoor herb garden! If you haven’t considered it, well, these indoor herb garden ideas will show you how. >> Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

15 DIY Indoor Herb Ideas


15 DIY Indoor Herb Ideas


In an attempt to be more healthy most of us are going organic nowadays and the best way is to grow our own vegetables. Growing your herbs indoor does not have to dull and unattractive. Here are some DIY indoor herb space ideas. Enjoy >> 15 DIY Indoor Herb Ideas





Today it’s all about basil: how to grow, propagate, chop & freeze this versatile herb. Basil is one of those plants that grows almost anywhere and needs minimal care. It was the very first herb I ever planted and has been part of my herb garden ever since. >> First up is how to propagate basil from cuttings.

15 Creative Ways to Make an Herb Garden

15 Creative Ways to Make an Herb Gardensource.

If you are toying with the idea of planting an herb garden, it’s time to take the plunge. There are incredible benefits to growing herbs from home; the herbs are always available, they are good for you, and planting a herb garden can be practice for planting a bigger garden. Plus, gardening is scientifically proven to be a stress relieving hobby and you can grow the most exotic forms of basil (there are actually 30 in all, time to choose your favorite!) >> 15 Creative Ways to Make an Herb Garden

How to Grow Lavender and Propagate it!

How to Grow Lavender and Propagate it


Lavender plants are one of the world’s most popular garden plants, and why wouldn’t they be? Evergreen, tough as old boots, soft, silvery foliage and gorgeous scented flowers – it truly is a plant for everyone. Of course, buying lavender can prove expensive, but luckily they are very easy to take from cuttings.

Lavender makes great hedges and borders. Here are a few tips and tricks for growing successful lavender plants, and how to propagate them. >> How to Grow Lavender and Propagate it!

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