The £1 pill taking on bowel cancer? You won’t believe this!

20 Feb

sweet wormwood benefits and uses

Malaria drug based on a Chinese herbal remedy could be the latest weapon in the battle against the deadly disease


 sweet wormwoodAlthough utilizing natural herbs as a holistic medicine is a new concept in Western cultures, in a lot of Oriental countries natural herbs like sweet wormwood have been made use of in salads and also as a medicine. For countless years, countries like China have been making use of the extract of sweet wormwood to treat conditions like malaria because malaria bloodsuckers can not reside in the visibility of artemisinin (given that they are abundant in iron).

According to a current research released in journal of Life Sciences, a derivative of the conventional Chinese herb ‘sweet wormwood’ called artemisinin can eliminate and also destroy as much as 98 % of cancer cells within 16 hours. The researchers found that the natural herb by itself could trigger 28 % reduction in breast cancer cells, however when it was integrated with iron, it could get rid of around 98 % of the cancer cells without affecting the normal cells.

Professor Sanjeev Krishna, of St George’s London University, who led the earlier trial, said: ‘We know it is safe, from work with malaria, and cheap – less than £1 a pill…It has such potential that I call it the new aspirin’

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