Meadowsweet – Say Goodbye To Digestive Problems in 5 Steps!

25 Oct

With its fragrant and beautiful flowers, meadowsweet was considered one of the most powerful and sacred herbs of the druids.

Filipendula ulmaria syn. Spiraea ulmaria. Parts used: flowers, leaves.

meadowsweet -Say Goodbye To Digestive Problems in 5 Steps!

Meadowsweet is considered one of the most important digestive remedies, indicated for many conditions of the gut, particularly those associated with inflammation and excess acidity.

Meadow sweet has a balancing effect on acid production in the stomach as well as a soothing and healing effect on the upper digestive tract.

It is prescribed commonly for acid reflux, indigestion, gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Medowsweet contains aspirin-like compounds that are responsible for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds can also help to bring down fevers, so this herb is often recommended for the treatment of colds and flu.

The plant’s medicinal effects make it an effective remedy for helping to alleviate joint and muscle pain.

Today I would love to share home remedy for pain recipe from Learning Herbs.

Home Remedy For Pain Recipe On How To Make Meadowsweet Elixir.

This recipe extracts the medicinal properties of the meadowsweet with alcohol and glycerin. Glycerin is added to this recipe because it does a good job of extracting tannins found in the plant. If you avoid alcohol, you can also enjoy the benefits of meadowsweet by simply making a tea from it.

To make this recipe you’ll need…

How to make Meadowsweet elixir

Step 1: Place the meadowsweet flowers in a jar.


Step 2:  Add the vodka and glycerin to the jar.


Step 3:  Shake well. Let this macerate for 4-6 weeks and check on it often.

You may find that as the flowers soak up the alcohol and glycerin, the liquid will no longer cover the herb. To fix this you can take a clean stone or weight and use it to weigh down the flowers below the liquid. If necessary, you can add a bit more alcohol to cover the herb. I opened my jar frequently and pushed down the flowers and that seemed to work just fine.

Step 4:  Once you are done macerating the herb, it’s time to strain off the mixture. The easiest way to do this is strain it through a cheese cloth which you then squeeze the dickens out of until you get all the moisture from the flowers. A tincture press works well too.


Step 5: Once it is strained you can bottle and label it


A standard dose is 30 – 60 drops as needed. Depending on age, weight and sensitivity someone may find more or less to work the best for them.

Meadowsweet is safe for most people. However, it should be used with caution for the following people:

children under 16 who have the flu or chickenpox symptoms (because of the rare but serious Reye’s syndrome)

people with asthma (may stimulate bronchial spasms)

people who are allergic to aspirin



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