9 Signs You May Have Hormonal Imbalance

23 Jan

9 signs you may have hormonal imbalance

When women hit their 40s and 50s some pretty drastic changes are happening to their body. The majority of the time however, these changes are not even visible to the naked eye. Whilst some changes can be made through the person’s lifestyle, diet or even environment, often these shifts are caused by a natural imbalance. Therefore below I’ve put together a guide to help you outline some general symptoms to be on the look out for if you think you may be undergoing some hormonal changes.

1. Weight gain

You’d think by maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle with regular exercise could maintain a healthy weight, but sadly, that isn’t always the case. These hormones are responsible for a larger network of properties, like metabolism, digestion and, very importantly, appetite. A disconnect in this network will cause symptoms like weight gain.

2. Cravings

Common causes of cravings all stem from hormonal imbalance such as, adrenaline fatigue, insulin resistance and other imbalances. These cravings for sweets and processed food also link to the weight gain as mentioned earlier!

3. Sweating

Hot flashes are notorious for being the most common symptom of menopause or perimenopause so it’s so surprise it’s made it onto this list. Most women experience this sympton differently where some are constantly sweating even at night whilst others are free from sweating at all!.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue comes in different forms and levels however the most important one related to hormonal imbalance is “crashing fatigue”. This includes muscle weakness, exhaustion and clearly reduced energy levels. It is important to note this is different from merely being drowsy which is how you feeling like you need to sleep. Crashing fatigue can seriously affect physical and mental health, so if symptoms persist it is best to see a GP.

5. Headaches + Migraine

It is a common knowledge that estrogen, a female hormone, can cause headaches or migraines depending on the levels. This is because estrogen is the command centre that controls the chemicals that affect pain. Thus a decline in the powerful hormone is likely to cause headaches.

6. Poor sleeping patterns/Insomnia

A healthy balance of hormones will give you a great nights sleep however an imbalance will do just the opposite. In fact a big disturbance could even go as far as cause difficulty in both sleeping and the ability to fall asleep.

7. Sudden Memory Loss

Another symptom of hormone imbalance is “Brain fog” which is short-term memory loss. This is due to a dysfunction in ones thyroid which affects adrenal fatigue, stress, insomnia and of course, unbalance hormones. This directly affects ones neurotransmitters which control your mood, stress levels memory and ability to think, subsequently causing memory loss.

9. Mood swings

Mood swings are in a bit a of grey area when it comes to science however there has been a strong correlation between mood and discrepancies in hormones. This is because the hormones that encourage ovulation and menstruation also releases serotonin, a mood regulating chemical. Thus when serotonin is high your mood is good but when its low, it also lowers your mood, therefore contributing to mood swings.

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