10 Plants and Herbs That Boost Lung Health, Heal Respiratory Infections And Even Repair Pulmonary Damage

16 May



Chaparral, a plant native to the southwest, has been appreciated by the Native Americans for lung detoxification and respiratory support. Chaparral contains powerful antioxidants that resist irritation and NDGA which is known to fight histamine response. NDGA inhibits aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis (the energy-producing ability) of cancer cells.

Chaparral is also an herb that fights harmful organisms. The benefits of chaparral are most available in a tincture extraction but chaparral tea may support respiratory problems by encouraging an expectorant action to clear airways of mucus.



Oregano herb contains vitamins and nutrients essential for the immune system. It contains compounds like rosemarinic acid and carvacrol, which are natural decongestants (relieves nasal congestion) and histamine reducers.

Both have positive effects on the respiratory tract and nasal passage airflow.

9. PEPPERMINT (Mentha piperita)


Peppermint contains menthol, a shooting ingredient known to relax the respiratory tract muscles, thus promoting free breathing. Also, peppermint contains many other compounds like limonene and pulegone, which are great decongestants.

Many people use therapeutic chest balms and other inhalants that contain menthol to help break up congestion. Additionally, peppermint is antioxidant and fights infections.

10. LOBELIA (Lobelia inflate)


Lobelia is native to the United States and used by the Native Americans. Lobelia contains an alkaloid known as lobeline, which thins mucus and breaks up congestion.

Additionally, lobelia stimulates the adrenal glands to release epinephrine, which relaxes the airways and allows for easier breathing. Lobelia should be part of everyone’s respiratory support protocol!


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