10 Awesome Ways To Use Aloe Vera

12 Dec

10 Ways You Could Use Aloe Vera For Your Health, Beauty And Wellness

I am very passionate about finding natural alternatives and solutions to our everyday needs – It feels so wonderful to make your own wellness at home. I have only been using Aloe Vera for treating sunburn, but there are so many other ways you could utilize Aloe Vera.

Today I am going to share this video with you created by Ela Galewith. In this video she demonstrates 10 great ways to use Aloe Vera.

  1. Exfoliator / moisturiser in one!
  2. Boil leaves in water & inhale
  3. Sun burn remedy
  4. Face mask
  5. Remove itchiness from insect bites / rashes
  6. Take it as a ‘supplement’
  7. Treat & protect acne
  8. Sooth crackling skin
  9. Hair leave-in treatment
  10. Drink aloe vera juice

Take a moment to watch the demonstration video below & have a fun with it ! 🙂

10 Awesome Ways To Use Aloe Vera

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